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Lucy Somers, practising artist and scientific researcher, places the colour at the centre of all investigations. Colour is the focus of her research examining ways to manipulate human colour vision, and is a central feature in her painting. Colour is an evocative and powerful part of the human existence that we feel intuitively, but can also be traced and observed as signals being processed by the brain. 


Her research at Sussex University uses realistic and complex 

visual stimuli to examine the workings of the human visual system, and investigate how it can be manipulated.

The ethos of sensory excess and abundance from her artistic work informs her approach to scientific investigation, using new technological advances to conduct controlled experiments with visual stimuli that seem uncontrollable and chaotic; reflecting the task of the brain as it navigates the richness of our visual lives. 

Her work in vision science continues alongside her painting practise, allowing each a separate identity, so they continue

to interact and inform each other.


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