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can spectrally filtered sunglasses improve your colour vision?

The current focus of Lucy's reseach is examining how colour vision can be altered. Using mathematical simulations of the visual system it is possible to predict the effect of interventions  designed to change and improve colour vision, such as filtered sunglasses, before testing the effectiveness with real observers. Click the link below for a summary of her work testing EnChroma's products designed to alleviate mild forms of colour blindness.



hypothetical visualisation

examining artwork with a scientific eye

Lucy has extended her work on the chromatic visual diet to include examples of original artwork.

Using a monochromator, a device that emits light from a narrow portion of the spectrum, we can see the energy reflected by an image at each wavelength and use this to predict its appearance under any lighting for any observer, including animals.

Original painting artwork painted by Lucy Somers for scientific investigation into the science of colour vision
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