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Lucy works within the umbrella of a number of institutions that are involved in perceptual colour research, colour related events and colour focused artwork. Lucy's doctoral research is being carried out with the Sussex Colour Group at Sussex University. She is also a committee member and from 2021, general secretary of the Colour Group GB, a registered charity supporting Art and Science cross-disciplinary interests. Lucy is also being hosted by Seaward Gallery, with a series of micro-exhibitions. Click a link here or browse the page for more info.

A research lab within the Psychology department of the University of Sussex.

A gallery presenting original paintings by colourist Penny Bearman, also showing photography by Elisabeth Septhton.

A charity supporting work relating to colour in both the Arts and Sciences, via events, gatherings, awards and student bursaries.

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The Sussex colour group & BABY LAB

The Sussex Colour Group is a research group within the Psychology department of the University of Sussex. Headed by Principal Investigator Anna Franklin, the group consists of a number of researchers investigating the perception of colour. In 2018 the group was awarded a 5 year European Research Grant to investigate the effect of Environment on Colour Vision, and in 2020 was awarded a further grant which will be led by Jenny Bosten.

The Sussex Colour Group is the combination of the Sussex Baby Lab which investigates developmental psychology using baby participants and the Sussex Vision lab. See the link below for more information about the research the lab does, and how to volunteer yourself or your infant to be a participant!

Research Group website

The Seaward Gallery

The Seaward Gallery is the primary exhibition space featuring the works of Penny Bearman, and is kindly hosting Lucy Somers as she finalises work on her doctoral thesis. While research testing is suspended due to the pandemic, the Seaward gallery in Deal will be her research base.

Lucy Somers is available to chat about any aspect of her work in the Seaward gallery, weekdays from 10am till 4pm.

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turner medal

Awarded for outstanding use of colour in the field of Art


NEWTON medal

Awarded for outstanding work investigating colour in the field of Science


The Colour Group (GB), founded in 1940, is an interdisciplinary society that draws together people interested in all aspects of colour - its perception, measurement, reproduction and artistic expression.

Monthly meetings are held, mostly in London, usually from October to May and provide a unique forum for the exchange of information and contacts. Our current programme is available on this site but to find out more about the Group’s activities, you should become a member of the Group, and receive Members Notifications of events and other matters of colourful interest.  
This carries notices of meetings, reports of papers given at meetings, as well as news of other developments in the world of colour. The Committee welcomes new applications for membership. The annual subscription is £20.00 GBP.

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