Elastic Vision

Talk given at "Art in Neuroscience" mini symposium at City University, London

Effectiveness of EnChroma

Lucy presented the outcome of
3 years of research at the International Colour Vision Society conference in Riga, Latvia

The impact of EnChroma 

Lucy presented her modelling of the function of EnChroma glasses at the European Conference of Visual Perception, in Trieste, Italy

Deconstructing paintings

Lucy presented her work producing hyperspectral datasets from paintings the Applied Vision Association conference at Birkbeck University, London 

What Colour is my Brain?

Lucy gave a talk at Fabrica Gallery in Brighton, roving through the neuroscience of colour vision and the plasticity of the brain, inamongst an immersive art installation. 

Baby Art Gallery

Lucy co-curated an exhibition for the British Science Festival, with artworks commissioned to appeal to infant colour vision, with the eyetracking data of 20 babies presented alongside

Once the work has been peer-reviewed, the presentations featured at each of these events will be made available on this page.

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