Academic research has always been a useful tool for me to lay out my ideas in new and sometimes conflicting contexts. 

My research has covered questions I have for my own practise, icluding what it means to be working with Still Life in the contemporary art world. My research also broadens into ideas for how our cultural encounters are structured, and is a continuing area of interest for me. In particular the way we encounter the history of art in the Museum setting.


You can download three of my articles via the links on the right. You can also access and follow my academic work on  academia.edu.

The Participatory Museum: How Games hold the key to an active and productive audience.
The Implications of the Still Life in
the context of Contemporary Art.
Leonardo as a link from
Classical to Modern Colour Theory.

Under the Skin

Research Project

Under the Skin, is a research project seeking to stage three interpretations of a heritage of painting. Three exhibitions will be built from the archive of three generations Lucy's family, seeking to undertsnad and situate the work of her mother , Penny Bearman, and her Grandmother Margaret Bearman.


The first stage of the project will take place in Devon in February 2016, the final home of Margaret Peters, my grandmother. The second incarnation will be set in Deal, the current inspiration for my mother's work, Penny Bearman. Liverpool will be the third and final stage of this evolving exhibition, and my own incarnation for the collected archive. 

Self Portrait by Margaret Peters, 1965
Self Portrait by Lucy Somers, 2010

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