Get £35  for testing
Enchroma glasses 

Sussex University is giving colourblind people £35 and the chance to try Enchroma Glasses, which claim to improve the colour vision of colour blind people.

To take part you will first need to attend a screening session at Sussex University to establish whether you have the form of colour blindness that is eligible for the study.

If eligible you will be invited to take part in testing, which will involve odd-one-out and colour matching tasks in our laboratory. 

After this you will be loaned a pair of Enchroma glasses, to use for the following 5 to 7 days, and experience as many colours as possible!

After this time you will be asked to come back to Sussex University, return the glasses and do some further colour-matching and colour identification tasks. 

Participants are paid £4 plus travel expenses for the screening session, and if eligible for the study, £35 for completing the two 2 hour testing sessions at Sussex University, plus travel expenses (45p per mile driven, or to the value of public transport ticket used).

80% of those with Colour Vision Deficiency do not know the are colourblind; have a go!

Click below to book  your 30 minute Screening session at Sussex University

  • Part 1 - find out if you're eligible
  • Part 2 - first testing session.
  • Part 3 - 1 week to wear the Enchroma glasses
  • Part 4 - second testing session.
Screening and testing sessions will take place at Sussex University campus, Brighton, UK

This research has been approved (reference number: ER/LS487/2) by the Sciences & Technology Cross-Schools Research Ethics Committee (C-REC) at Sussex University.

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